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New Boss? No Problem – 5 Tips to a Successful Fresh Start

April 6th, 2017

Getting a new boss can be harrowing for everyone. It takes a long time to develop a professional relationship with a supervisor, so when another person takes over the role it can feel like the clock is resetting. But you don’t have to give up your job just because there is a new manager in town. Here are 5 tips to help you get started off on the right foot with your new boss.

1. Show dedication.

The first step to impressing a new boss is to demonstrate your dedication. Don’t be late, don’t watch the clock. Demonstrate that you want to work in your position and that they can rely on you to provide a quality performance when asked, without caveats.

2. Stick up for yourself.

Of course, there may be cases with this new boss where you need to stick up for yourself and your coworkers. If you really see that something is wrong, don’t stand back and passively let it happen. Talk to your new boss about the situation, they’ll appreciate your honesty and loyalty.

3. Be willing to improve.

You don’t have an established history with this boss, so it is on you to show them how you evolved throughout your career. Don’t become stagnant in your position. Show them that you’re willing to improve personally, professionally, and within the industry. Read new things and be prepared to bring new ideas to the table.

4. Give credit where it’s due.

You also want to demonstrate that you’re a member of the greater team. When your group achieves success, be sure to give credit where credit is due. Don’t hog the spotlight or take credit for the work others do. A good leader recognizes that everyone has contributed, and your new boss will notice this.

5. Stay positive.

Finally, it is important that you stay positive. Regardless of the reasons this change happened and how you feel about them personally, you need to make sure that you’re not putting negative energy into your work. Even if you think you’re hiding it, negativity is contagious and it won’t take long for your new boss, and fellow coworkers, to notice it.

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How Can You Build a Pool of Reliable IT Freelancers?

February 9th, 2017

The IT industry is changing and a lot of top performers are working as independent contractors or freelancers without committing to a full-time position with a company. If your company is reliant on skilled information technology experts, you may be wondering how you can compete in this gig economy and build a pool of reliable IT freelancers. Here are several things you can do to improve your relationship with independent contractors.

Treat them like everyone else.

Even if your IT freelancer works from home or is only occasionally in the office, make an effort to include them in company culture. Make them feel welcome in your organization. This will go a long way to giving them buy in to your company and the people they work with and for. They will be more interested in making a positive contribution rather than just collecting a steady paycheck.

Provide steady work.

Speaking of steady, to keep a freelancer happy is to keep them busy and engaged. Don’t just throw busy work at them, but be ready to give them necessary projects. If you don’t have anything for them, they will move on and freelance for someone else. You may never be able to get them back. If you provide steady work, you’ll be able to develop a long-term relationship with your IT freelancer.

Share feedback.

Just because your freelancer doesn’t work for you full time doesn’t mean you should avoid providing feedback. Let them know when they’re doing a good job. Talk to them about concerns you have. Be open with communication and allow them to approach you if they have questions as well. This positive back and forth will help you both work together well and accomplish more.

Be flexible with their schedule.

Lastly, remember that a freelancer is not a full-time employee. This means that they will have a non-traditional schedule. They may work from home. Or they may only work a few days a week. Rather than focusing on the hours they put in, focus on the results of their project. Know that a freelancer does this job so they can have a flexible schedule and as long as they are completing the necessary tasks, everything should be okay.

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Which Leader Does Your Team Want?

January 26th, 2017

Managing is about more than just being the boss. Your employees want a leader that inspires them and supports them. If you’re currently in a management position or looking to progress into one throughout your career, there are some personal traits or soft skills, you should consider cultivating. Be the leader your team wants. Here are several things to consider adding to your experience and skill set.

Positive Behavior

Positivity is the cornerstone of good management. Your employees will not want to work for someone who only complains or is negative all the time. When you project your emotions, you are asking for your team to emulate your behavior. That is why it is imperative that you act in a positive way to encourage positive work.

Adaptable to Change

The best-laid plans never go the way they’re intended. That is true for life and for individual small projects. If you want to ensure that your team is able to roll with the punches, you have to demonstrate your ability to adapt and change along the way. This means everything from embracing new ideas to utilizing new technology.

Down to Earth

Your team will also want someone who they consider down to earth. What is the opposite of down to earth? Often those people are described as “flighty” or “spacey.” You don’t want to be seen that way. Your staff deserves someone who is even tempered and has control over their emotions. Don’t allow yourself to fly off the handle.

Ethics and Integrity

Your team also wants you to be ethical and demonstrate integrity in the office. They want you to be fair to everyone rather than picking favorites and treating others poorly. Make sure that you adhere to your own values and support the overall values of the company.

Willingness to Pitch in

Finally, your staff wants to see that you don’t just manage the department, that you know what you’re talking about. They want to see you able to take action. If things get tough, don’t’ be afraid to roll up your sleeves and help out. Get your hands dirty to show that you still have what it takes to be a part of the team yourself.

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Use LinkedIn to Get Real Info During Hiring

December 29th, 2016

linkedin-blogCurrent standards indicate that most serious job seekers should have a basic LinkedIn profile. But what does that mean for employers? When you’re looking for a new candidate for your open position, and you turn to LinkedIn, what are you really looking for? You can use LinkedIn to get real information that can help inform your hiring decision. Here is what to look for and how to use the information when you’re setting up interviews and making offers.

Look for sincere recommendations.

The recommendation section of a LinkedIn profile shouldn’t replace good, old-fashioned references, but they can be helpful. It is easy to tell the difference between a sincere recommendation and one that just goes through the motions. Look for details, mentions of specific scenarios, and how closely the individuals worked together. Then see how many sincere recommendations a person has.

Review mutual connections.

LinkedIn is built on first, second, and third-tier connections. For every person you add to your network, you also add an exponential network. Review the individuals that you have in common with your candidate. Can you reach out to anyone to discuss the individual candidly? What can you learn from these connections about your candidate that can help inform your choice?

See how active they are.

It can also say something about a job applicant when you see how active they are. Not only that they are active, but how they interact with their networks and groups. Do they provide information that is positive and helpful? Do they only use the site to promote themselves or do they share other useful information? Are they positioning themselves as an expert or a thought leader?

Read their blog posts.

Speaking of thought leaders, does this candidate use the LinkedIn blogging platform to share important information about their experience? LinkedIn blogs make it easy for professionals to demonstrate their expertise in their field. Even if they don’t post often, check for the quality of blog posts they’ve made in the past. Are these posts items that can help your company grow or share how knowledgeable your candidate is?

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Why You Need to Become More Positive in 2017

December 22nd, 2016

in-2017Turning over the calendar to the next year can be a welcome change for a lot of people. It’s a natural opportunity to start fresh and set new goals. But that doesn’t mean you can coast through 2017 without major changes. If you’re thinking about career advancement or just making your year more successful overall, there is something you might not be considering. Positivity comes in many forms, and it can make or break your career experience. Here are some of the reasons you should be more positive in 2017.

Negative attitudes are not good to work with.

No one likes to work with someone who has a negative attitude all the time. The challenge sometimes is noticing this behavior in ourselves. If you find yourself thinking negatively more often than not, the people around you will observe it as well. Try to improve your outlook this coming year to project a more positive personality to those around you.

Positive people get more promotions.

If you want concrete reasons why then consider individuals with positive attitudes get promoted more frequently than their negative counterparts. Management teams look for people who offer a positive spin on the company, product, or service. These employees will be considered quickly for movement up the ladder.

Remove toxic people from your life.

Negativity is contagious. Even if you don’t consciously think of yourself in negative terms, spending time with others who are negative can affect the way you interact with everyone around you. Avoiding negative people can help you maintain a positive attitude at work and in your whole life.

Appreciate kindness and helpfulness.

One great way to put positivity into practice is to express your gratitude for others. When someone is kind or helpful, thank them openly and honestly. Use this positive energy to pay it forward and do kind things for others. Just like negativity, positivity also breeds more positivity, and spreading it around will be welcomed.

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Are You Turning Away Potential Job Candidates?

April 28th, 2016

Are You Turning Away BlogOne of the biggest complaints that recruiters hear from client companies is that there just aren’t any good candidates available. The truth is, they may be turning away, or turning off, potential candidates with their application and hiring process alone. Here are some things you can do to improve your processes and attract the best potential new hires to your company.

Have a mobile presence.

The Internet has changed everything, and if you don’t embrace the positives of how these search strategies affect the job search process then you will be left behind. Job seekers are looking for quick access to jobs and application processes. If your competition has a mobile presence and you don’t, you will be overlooked by the top talent. Consult web specialists to learn how to optimize your site for mobile devices. Make the experience easier for web site visitors, not something that is frustrating and sends them to a competitor.

Keep it simple.

An online application also needs to be simple. Far too many employers feel like they need to create multiple hoops for their candidates to jump through so they can pre-screen the potential employees before they ever see a resume. While this sounds like it would save time, it also discourages qualified people from applying. A one-button system to submit a resume will get you a better pool of potential candidates. You are able to accumulate applications and contact information for potential job seekers. If they aren’t qualified for this job, which you can determine after they originally applied, you have their information for future communication of job postings more appropriate for their skills.

Provide a timeline.

When someone applies with your system, let them know how long each step of the process takes. Continuously remind them as they move on to the next step. For instance, you can have an auto reply that will let them know their resume will be reviewed and if they meet the qualifications they will be contacted within a week. If they want more information, provide an option to contact.

Follow up.

Professionals always encourage employees and job candidates to avoid burning bridges, but employers should take the advice as well. Always follow up with candidates even if you don’t plan to hire them. They could be a fit for a future job. Or, they could end up working with a vendor. Following up allows them to always know where they stand with your company.

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4 Networking Tips for Introverts

April 21st, 2016

Networking Tips forIntrovertsFor introverts, face-to-face networking is anxiety-inducing at best. The need to feel outgoing is overwhelming. Stress is triggered, the heart races, and palms sweat. Being introverted isn’t a personality flaw, it just means that you have to be creative about how you tackle the same issues that seem to come so easily to your extroverted counterparts. Don’t let your panic stand in the way of important networking opportunities. Here are four tips that can reduce your anxiety and get you the benefits of connecting to others in your community.

1. Take a Friend.

If you’re uncomfortable meeting new people by yourself, you can mitigate this by bringing along a trusted friend. This gives you a chance to interact with someone without feeling pressure or anxiety. They can also help you introduce yourself to new contacts and be a confidant while you’re figuring out your next move. If you bring a friend who wants to help you out, they will do everything they can to help make you successful.

2. Practice where you’re comfortable.

Networking doesn’t have to take place at a crowded industry event. You can meet people, who may be great connections for the future, pretty much anywhere. Choose a space that you’re already comfortable with, such as a local coffee shop or the grocery store. Strike up a conversation with the person next to you in line. This can help you get more comfortable with the experience so you can translate it to other events. You also have nothing to lose in these situations. Your career isn’t on the line, and you’re just trying to be friendly to someone in a public location.

3. Have a plan.

You also don’t have to go into a networking event completely cold. Setting goals for yourself and having a plan to execute can help you be better prepared for meeting new people. For example, set a goal of collecting five new business cards. Determine the best way to do that by figuring out who you can approach and how. Create that plan prior to the event. Also, if your plan doesn’t go exactly as you laid out, stay calm and make some minor adjustments. Don’t just give up!

4. Don’t expect to be an expert.

Finally, don’t expect once you accomplish some of these practice goals that you’ll be completely comfortable or expert at networking overnight. It is okay to feel apprehensive and awkward. In fact, most people in these situations feel some nerves, regardless of how well they mask it when they’re meeting you.

If you are looking for a change in your career, our talented recruiters are here for you. At CornerStone Staffing, we make job searching easy. Contact our great team today to work with a top staffing agency in Arlington and locations throughout Texas.


4 Qualities to Find in a Great Administrative Assistant

December 22nd, 2015

Admin QualitiesAs a manager, you know that the organizational health of your company lives and breathes by having the right administrative staff in place. They can keep everyone on track and handle all the day-to-day functions of your business when you’re concentrating on being successful. So when you’re in need of a new administrative assistant, how do you determine who is the right candidate for you? While you’re engaging in the hiring process, here are some of the things you need to look for to find a great administrative assistant for your team.

1. An excellent communicator.

Your superstar administrative assistant needs to have above-average communications skills. They can be supporting all levels of the organization as well as acting as a liaison to vendors and clients. Without the ability to communicate effectively, aspects of the job may fall through the cracks at exactly the wrong time. Being able to relate to a wide variety of personalities is vital. The administrative assistant could be talking to a C-suite executive one minute and then an entry-level job candidate.

2. Detail oriented.

While organizational skills are critical to an administrative assistant’s success, it needs to be paired up with an attention to detail. When you rely on an administrative assistant, it is because they handle everything that would direct your focus away from the work that you do on a day-to-day basis. If things do not get done, it could cause the entire system to grind to a halt. Management doesn’t have the time to micromanage their daily behaviors, so finding a person who is on top of the details will make everything flow better.

3. Great time management skills.

Hand in hand with detail and organization is time management. In fact, in many cases, it may be more important. Almost all work that you will do in your organization, regardless of the industry, will be time sensitive to one degree or another. Your administrative assistant should be able to prioritize projects as they come in and help you keep everything on track along the way.

4. Knowledgeable about your industry.

Lastly, you don’t want to hire just anyone with administrative skills. Your business is unique and someone with knowledge about your specific industry will be better suited to succeed in your organization. For instance, if you’re an IT company, you may not want to hire someone who has only worked in manufacturing environments in the past. If you find someone with the first three skills, you can teach a great employee about your industry. That type of training is much easier (and attainable) than trying to teach an administrative assistant about communication and time management.

Finding qualified, experienced personnel can be a challenge. With more than 20 years of experience, CornerStone Staffing can help you find the right match for your open position. Contact us today to work with one of the top staffing agencies in Texas, with 11 offices located in the Metroplex.

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You Need to Delegate. Get Your Staff to Buy in

September 24th, 2015

Delegate - Copy

Delegation is a delicate art. As a manager it is your job to ensure that your staff takes on the tasks that need to be completed and well executed. You’ve hired a staff that is competent and professional so it is important that you use their skills in the best ways possible and not fall into the trap of doing everything yourself. So how do you get your team to buy into the projects you’re delegating? Remember, you don’t want your staff to think you are just passing off work so you have less to do. The reason for delegation is to help the overall company and allow you to focus on bigger projects from your management role. Here are some tips to ensure that delegation is one of your top skills as a manager.

Specify the results, not the methods.

Many managers will get caught up in the minutia of how a job should be done. Ultimately it is the results that matter. Allow your staff to control the steps and only focus on the results of their work. Is it correct and satisfactory? If the answer is yes, they’ve succeeded.

Consult your staff in the process.

When you are in the process of delegating tasks talk to your staff about what they want to handle and what they feel comfortable doing. If you delegate based on your team’s strengths you will have better results in the long term.

Provide all the right support.

There is nothing worse than being delegated a task and then being unable to perform the project because the right tools or answers are not available. Be sure that you can provide this information to your team throughout the process of completing the specific project.

Make recommendations rather than provide answers.

Micromanagement happens when a manager is unable to give up control of a project. So when your team comes to you with questions about the project don’t jump in and start answering all the questions. Instead, provide recommendations that will help them finish the project.

Establish a chain of communications.

Throughout this entire process your staff needs to be able to communicate with you and each other. Make sure that communications happen early and often. Make yourself available for questions and recommendations at all times. Don’t put restrictions on how or why your staff should talk with you.

All staffing firms claim to have excellent customer service, but at CornerStone Staffing, we truly live by this philosophy. We know that time is money and that when you need to fill a position, you need it filled right away!  Cornerstone Staffing Agencies features jobs in Dallas TX and any of our nine other locations. Call us today to get started!

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Are Passive Job Seekers the Answer?

August 14th, 2015

When your company is struggling to find the right candidates how can you stop the insanity of reviewing hundreds of unqualified resumes? Have you ever considered hiring a passive job seeker for your opening? A passive job seeker is someone currently employed and not actively seeking a new opportunity. But how do you find these candidates and, more importantly, convince them to accept your job and work for your company? Here are some ways to find, hire, and retain a passive candidate.

Sourcing Passive Candidates

These candidates, by definition, are not applying to your open positions. They are probably not even looking, or if they are it is very casually. Most of the time they work for your competitors. So how do you actually go about finding them? The first step is to review LinkedIn for people who match your job description. You may also find industry experts through their blogs. A simple Google search for a blog writer on the experience you’re looking for may give you a variety of potential candidates.

Making the Right Offer

Since a passive candidate is currently employed, their acceptance is largely predicated upon the amount of money you are able to offer. They will not likely leave their current position unless they feel that they have an opportunity they cannot refuse. Don’t just look at salary. What other benefits can you offer? Is there a work-from-home opportunity? More flexibility with the schedule? Better commute and work environment? Perks won’t entice passive jobseekers to make the switch, but a great company culture goes a long way.

Focus on Retention

A passive candidate is generally loyal, which is why you were interested in hiring them in the first place. But now that they’ve accepted an offer and left their previous company, doubt can begin to set in. What if they receive another more attractive offer? Will they leave your company as well? To mitigate this potential, it is important to have solid retention programs in place to demonstrate your appreciation for employees in the workplace.

Work with a Staffing Service

One of the most overlooked options when it comes to hiring a passive candidate is how a recruiter can help you with the process. Some people will use the term “headhunter” to describe a recruiter who will contact working candidates and convince them to take another opportunity. That isn’t the entire truth. Recruiters have connections and networks in place. They can help you not only find the passive candidate but assist with salary negotiations and retention programs.

We have developed close relationships with hundreds of companies within a variety of industries – from startups to some of the country’s largest organizations. To put it simply – we have the industry experience and contacts necessary to help you succeed. Contact CornerStone Staffing Agencies today to find out how we can help!

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