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How to Gain Valuable Information in the Job Interview

January 19th, 2017

Gain InfoAs a job seeker, your most important task is to gain as much information as possible while selling yourself to the hiring manager. This can be a delicate balancing act between gaining and giving information. But there are a few things you should ask or look out for that can give you valuable insight into the company culture and what it would be like to work there. Here are four questions that will be critical to gaining the most important information from an interview.

1. Is this a new position or is it a replacement?

Knowing why a position is open is a key to finding out how you should sell yourself. If this is a new position, it means they are growing or adding important new roles to their company. This is your opportunity to make your mark in something they’ve never experienced before. On the other hand, if they are replacing an employee, it is helpful to know if this was a problem situation that resulted in a firing or another cause to create the open position.

2. How long do employees typically stay with the company?

You want to know how long a typical employee stays with the organization because if there is high turnover and constant rehiring, there may be a reason for that. It will be important for you to understand whether or not this is something that will work with your career.

3. Do people go out for lunch or happy hour?

Knowing how social a company is will help inform you about the overall corporate culture. Do people go out for lunch? Do they go on their own or as a group? Do people bring lunch in and eat at their desks? Some companies even encourage a weekly happy hour to help their staff socialize and build better bonds. Look at how they handle social interaction and whether or not they fit your values.

4. What are the company growth and client breakdown?

Lastly, you want to know the data that supports the company’s success. How has the company grown in the last year, the last 5 years, and since it was founded? What is their target client and how is that broken down. How many clients do they add each year? What clients have been lost in the past and why?

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Use LinkedIn to Get Real Info During Hiring

December 29th, 2016

linkedin-blogCurrent standards indicate that most serious job seekers should have a basic LinkedIn profile. But what does that mean for employers? When you’re looking for a new candidate for your open position, and you turn to LinkedIn, what are you really looking for? You can use LinkedIn to get real information that can help inform your hiring decision. Here is what to look for and how to use the information when you’re setting up interviews and making offers.

Look for sincere recommendations.

The recommendation section of a LinkedIn profile shouldn’t replace good, old-fashioned references, but they can be helpful. It is easy to tell the difference between a sincere recommendation and one that just goes through the motions. Look for details, mentions of specific scenarios, and how closely the individuals worked together. Then see how many sincere recommendations a person has.

Review mutual connections.

LinkedIn is built on first, second, and third-tier connections. For every person you add to your network, you also add an exponential network. Review the individuals that you have in common with your candidate. Can you reach out to anyone to discuss the individual candidly? What can you learn from these connections about your candidate that can help inform your choice?

See how active they are.

It can also say something about a job applicant when you see how active they are. Not only that they are active, but how they interact with their networks and groups. Do they provide information that is positive and helpful? Do they only use the site to promote themselves or do they share other useful information? Are they positioning themselves as an expert or a thought leader?

Read their blog posts.

Speaking of thought leaders, does this candidate use the LinkedIn blogging platform to share important information about their experience? LinkedIn blogs make it easy for professionals to demonstrate their expertise in their field. Even if they don’t post often, check for the quality of blog posts they’ve made in the past. Are these posts items that can help your company grow or share how knowledgeable your candidate is?

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Why It’s Important to Set the Tone Early in the Job Search

May 26th, 2016

What to Expect BlogJob seekers are eager to start work. They may have been on the hunt for the perfect opportunity for a while, even if they are highly skilled, so they want the process to go quickly. But from the hiring manager’s perspective, that isn’t always possible. It is critical that you manage the expectations of your candidates from the very start. This way, everyone can be on the same page and you can navigate the process and take everyone’s needs into account.

1. Explain the timeline.

Managing expectations is a critical component of a job search. Your candidates need to know what the process will be from start to finish. Establish how long the each step will take and inform the job seeker. When you receive a resume, let them know how long it will be if they are chosen and continue to update throughout the steps. Being transparent (and meeting those deadlines) in the timeline will be welcomed by all job candidates.

2. Share the hidden details.

A job posting is a snapshot. It is just part of the bigger picture for the job you want to fill. When you are able to talk to individual candidates, share the details that can’t be summed up in a short and concise job description. It doesn’t have to be comprehensive, but it should be informative. Let them know what it takes to be successful for your company. That information will help with making great hiring decisions and finding the right fit.

3. Describe and show the corporate culture.

Half of the success of hiring the right people comes down to matching personalities within your office. While you’re going through the process, it is essential that you demonstrate an accurate picture of the corporate culture so candidates know whether or not the environment is right for them personally and professionally. At the right time, take them on a tour of the facility and introduce them to other employees. Get feedback from your employees on their interactions with the job candidates.

4. Be respectful of their time.

Finally, always be respectful of the candidate’s time. Don’t waste it waiting for the next best thing to arrive. Be honest and clear about the status and never string someone along. This applies to the entire process as well as each step. Don’t be late to an interview and don’t treat them like they’re an inconvenience. But know if they do not provide the same courtesy, they may not be suitable for your organization.

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How To Prepare Your Hiring For The New Year

January 16th, 2015

Recruiting MetricsThe 2015 sales strategy is probably already on the books but have you thought much about your hiring strategy for the next year? Hiring is often a reactionary response to trouble in the office and problems that need to be solved. However, recruiting has its own set of metrics that you should take into account when making hiring decisions which can help you prepare your hiring process for the year. Here are a few to keep in mind.

  • Recruiting sources. Do you know where your company finds your most successful candidates? Do you use the traditional job boards to advertise your openings or have you turned to social media? Take a close look at what sources are producing the most qualified candidates and let go of the ones that just waste time and money.
  • Recruiting time. From the time you first post an ad about your open position, how long does it take you to make a job offer? If your hiring process is taking too long, you may risk losing good candidates who take other offers. If it is too quick, you may be hiring the wrong person and need to start the process over. Make sure your process is effective and consistent.
  • Turnover rates. How many people left your company in 2014? What was their total length of employment before leaving? Did you have to terminate anyone? Why? What are the reasons people give your company for quitting? Track all of the information on company turnover so you can better prevent it or making better hiring choices to encourage loyalty.
  • Application rates. During your search for new employees, how many resumes do you receive? How many of those people were contacted? How many of the people you contacted were invited to an interview? Only one person can get the job, but you can learn a lot about your hiring process by looking at the numbers.

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How To Use Your Current Employees To Attract New Ones

October 30th, 2014













Are you using the full potential of your employees to be brand ambassadors? Your happy employees are your greatest asset and they may make the difference when you’re looking to hire the best and the brightest to add to your team. Here are a few ways you can use your current team to attract new employees.

  • Employee testimonials. We usually think about testimonials in regards to customers and clients but having the insider look at your company from an employee perspective can be valuable when you’re hiring. Ask your star employees to provide a short paragraph about what it is like to work for your organization and place these on your website’s career page.
  • Peer to peer interviews. When you’re interviewing new candidates you usually have them meet with other managers. Another great pre-screening technique is to have them meet with individuals who will work on their same level in the organization. Find out what your current employees think of the potential candidates. They can provide insight you may not have noticed.
  • Brand ambassadors on social media. Many companies are concerned about what their employees are posting on social media. However, if you allow your employees to use their social media to become brand ambassadors you may be able to control the message. Provide guidelines for mentioning the company on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Referral programs. Of course, there is nothing better than the tried and true referral program. Good people refer good people. When you have a new position in your company allow your current team to refer people they know. They may have former coworkers they think will be an excellent fit.

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3 Ways to Improve Culture and Attract Candidates

October 25th, 2013

Most candidates today are looking to work with organizations that provide more than a paycheck and benefits. As Generation Y becomes the majority of our workforce over the next several years they are leading the charge for corporate responsibility and better work/life balance. It is possible to make small, inexpensive changes to your company culture to attract the best candidates. Here are three ways you can start today.

  1. Offer flexible work hours. So many companies are learning that employees want more freedom and that they are responsible enough to handle it. There are many ways you can offer flexible work hours for your team. You can allow your team to choose their own start and end times so they might arrive before rush hour traffic begins and leave in time to pick kids up from school. You may offer options for employees to work from home. This can include 100% remote working schedules or just a few days to ensure office coverage. Some companies are moving toward a “results oriented” workplace model where the hours spent on a project are not important but the meeting of the deadline and the quality of work are gaged to show success.
  2. Be active in the community. Social responsibility is becoming a hot button issue for many professionals entering the workforce. Employees want to work for companies who care about their communities. Choose a local cause or organization to support through fundraisers or volunteer activities. Allow your employees to bring ideas to the table and work with them on projects. Offer charity donation matches. Each year for the holidays make a donation to a local organization instead of buying gifts for your clients.
  3. Provide collaboration. Recent studies have shown that collaborative work environments breed more innovation. Generation Y is entering the workforce already well versed in the world of collaborative projects. Use this energy to create a workplace that embraces shared ideas. You can start by creating an office environment which encourages the team to work together through movable and communal work spaces. There are dozens of collaborative tools available on today’s market including some open source options that can be used for free. Start by encouraging your team to use Google Docs or bring in a tool such as Salesforce.

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Act Quickly in a Candidate Driven Market in Texas

September 27th, 2013

The economic downturn that we faced for several years created an interesting problem for employers. For years they were in the driver’s seat when it came to employment negotiations. A market that was saturated with unemployed professionals allows for businesses to pay less for specific skills. However, as the tide has begun to turn the so-called “skills gap” is proving to be a new problem for employers. Many are finding fewer qualified candidates for their jobs and are once again competing for top talent. Moving fast is important in today’s market. Here are some ways you can make the right decision quickly.

  • Act fast. While you don’t want to make irrational decisions on the spot you also don’t want to take too long to make a final decision. Respect for the candidate’s time is as important as their respect for yours. Be responsive and set up interviews in a timely fashion and follow up with candidates regularly. If you hear that the candidate has another offer on the table, talk to them about your options and ask when they need to make a decision. If you don’t feel as though this employee would be a good choice for your company provide any constructive feedback and allow them to continue their search.
  • Show value. Employers are not one size fits all and some candidates will have a better personality match with your office environment than others. It is your job to demonstrate the reasons that candidates want to work for you. Take candidates on office tours during their interview and show them the company culture. Tell them about benefits including office amenities. You need to offer incentives that your competition does not.
  • Pay for experience. The economic crisis that caused companies to downsize their workforce also enabled them to offer smaller salaries once hiring began to pick up. However, many experts blame this salary inequality for the so-called “skills gap.” There is not a lack of qualified candidates but rather a disproportionate pay scale for professional skills. Candidates are likely to accept a job with slightly higher pay even if the other company is not a good fit for them long term. Research what their skills are worth and make a solid offer. Remember, benefits, personal time off, and flexible schedules can also be added to the bargain.

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Improve Employee Training for Retention

August 30th, 2013

Employee turnover has been a big problem for businesses since our economy has started to recover. Some individuals who accepted ill-fitting jobs to continue to earn a living began to seek new opportunities. Companies who recognize that their staff is their best asset are looking for good advice on retaining star employees. Here are 7 ways training can help you keep your team happy and engaged with your business.

  1. Start from the beginning. From the very first day of employment it is important that you establish a company culture that puts learning at the top of the priorities list. Be approachable and encourage questions to ensure that everyone is comfortable with general office functions as well as their specific positions.
  2. Spread your core message. Good training isn’t just about skills. Your employees should also be trained on your company culture, your mission, and your core values. Regularly schedule meetings to go over the corporate identity to make sure your message is consistent.
  3. Cross-train for variety and security. The more aspects of your business a single employee is familiar with the better it is for both parties. They will be engaged in different tasks they are able to perform. You will also eliminate emergencies when a critical staff member is unable to perform their duties.
  4. Establish mentorship programs. New employees can learn a lot from your veteran team. This will not only help spread the information among your new team members but also create a sense of purpose for those who have seniority in the company. Some experts advise pairing millennial employees with boomers so they can learn from each other.
  5. Create goals for success. Not only should each employee have their own individual goals but you should also establish company-wide goals for everyone to work toward. This can improve innovation and employee motivation.
  6. Making training fun. Gamification and social training are certainly buzz words but they will help to make your training process more fun for your employees. For example, at the end of a group training session split your new employees into teams. Ask them to search the office to answer questions like “where do we turn in our time cards?” or “where do we put interoffice mail?”
  7. Reward system. Your employees want to be recognized for their contribution so be sure to include rewards in the training process. Provide incentives such as gift certificates or additional personal time off for those who demonstrate retention of the new knowledge.

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Develop Your Recruiting Strategy: Mobile vs. Desktop – Here’s How

June 28th, 2013

Is mobile recruiting really the future of hiring? In order to answer that question experts have been looking at the habits of job seekers on line including how and when they search. If we compare mobile to desk top computing we can see some trends that may prove interesting for hiring over time. Here are some comparisons.

  • Searching from Desktop computers. With a larger screen, a mouse, and a keyboard, it is much easier for people to navigate desktop and lap top computers.  Online applications are easy to navigate and information is easy to input. However, in spite of this many adults are using hand held devices to access information on the web almost exclusively.
  • Search from a smart phone or tablet. 55% American adults only use their smart phones to access the web. We are also a nation of multi-taskers using these devices while watching television or talking to friends and family. To attract these candidates it is important to optimize your site for mobile access. These pages should have limited data fields, the ability to email themselves a job post to review later, and a way to submit a resume with one click.
  • The time of day matters. Indeed.com conducted a survey of job seekers and found that Monday is the best time to post a new job. This information changes quickly and it is hard to pin down a good day for job postings. They also found that more job seekers were looking at jobs on their mobile devices on Tuesday after working hours. Many employers are concerned about their staff searching for a new job while working but this is simply not the case. Once a job seeker is home they are using their cell phones rather than their computers to access the web.
  • Optimize your site for mobile viewing. It is beoming increasing more important that your website be optimized for mobile viewing. This is something your web designer should be able to do for you. As mobile activity continues to increase it is important to attract candidates by producing content that will keep them on your website through their smart phones.

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Attract Candidates By Being Socially Conscious

May 17th, 2013

“Social Consciousness” is a concept that many businesses are talking about today. As it turns out, companies who lead the pack in social programs are attracting the best talent to their doorsteps. Concerns about environmental and social issues are affecting everyone, and job seekers notice when a company takes a stand. You may want to consider the environmental impacts of your business, the ways you can make a difference in your community, and even how to encourage your employees to participate fully in their jobs. Here are the ways to make these programs work.

  • Think Green. Environmental awareness can start on a very small scale. A multi-million dollar restructure of your energy platforms is unnecessary to attract employees. Begin by implementing a recycling program in your office. Transition to a paperless environment to eliminate waste and promote conservation. These ideas can always grow as you begin to see their effect on your staff. Advertise these policies on your website, your email signature, and your company marketing plans to show that you care about your community.
  • Organize Volunteer Events. Develop programs that encourage your staff to volunteer their time within your region. Learn about issues and causes in your area and partner with local nonprofit organizations to make a difference right in your own back yard. The more personal the cause the more your employees will want to participate. Talk to your team and see what kinds of volunteering opportunities they would like to see happen in your company.
  • Effective Communication. It is important for businesses to be transparent about their policies and plans. Employees don’t like being kept in the dark about the company’s motivations or results of major projects. An employee wants to know that their voice is being heard and that their contribution makes a difference. Allow your team to make suggestions and then figure out the best way to implement them. Your team will recognize how their role is an important function in the business and it will encourage them to participate more fully in upcoming projects.

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