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5 Motivational Quotes for Your Career

May 18th, 2017

Do you ever feel like you need a motivational boost for your career path? If you’re wondering whether or not you’re on the right track, it can be helpful to hear other people’s encouragement. Here are five motivational quotes that can be used as empowering mantras at any stage of your career. Consider these when you’re having a bad day, searching for a new job, ready to take on a new challenge, or any other circumstance when you’re feeling stifled.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.– Milton Berle

This comedian from the golden age of comedy sometimes shared great wisdom beyond this hilarity. And he once famously suggested that opportunity doesn’t always come knocking. In this sense, there may be occasions where you have to make your own opportunities in your career. If you see a need that is not being met, put yourself in a position to make a great impact.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. – Henry Ford

Carmaker Henry Ford was also a visionary. For better or worse, he designed the modern work week and assembly line. But he also knew the power of hard work and perseverance. And when everyone told him his cars wouldn’t become popular, he set out to prove them wrong. The same is true in your career. Regardless of what you think, you’re right. So why not challenge yourself to do something extraordinary?

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. – William James

An American psychologist and philosopher from the early part of the 20th century offered this advice. No matter what you do, do it with the intention that you can make a difference. Whether you feel as though your work is repetitive or you’re looking for more of a challenge, always approach each step with the opinion that what you do matters.

I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. – Charles Swindoll

American pastor Chuck Swindoll happened upon this gem of advice and it’s worth taking to heart. You can only control your own reactions, not what happens to you or how other people react. If you keep that one thing in mind, you’re less likely to fixate on aspects that can’t be changed. Focus only on your own reaction.

If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission. – Eddie Colla

A contemporary fashion artist, Eddie Colla is the perfect example of someone who didn’t wait until society gave him permission to do the work he wanted to do. There will be times in your career that you can’t wait for someone else to give you the go-ahead. Take initiative and make an opportunity happen for yourself.

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Hot Job in Fort Worth: Mail Clerks

May 19th, 2016

Our company is dedicated to providing the best possible partnerships between our candidates and our clients. This summer, we are working with a client in Fort Worth to source and hire the best representative for their organization in the mail room.

A premier automotive finance company located in North Fort Worth is looking for mail clerks in a number of departments. For individuals looking for an entry-level opportunity with an excellent company, this is a career opportunity that can’t be passed up. Successful mail clerks will be considered for advancement within the company as they continue to display their excellence.

The mail clerk positions require a dedicated and diligent work ethic, high energy and a positive attitude. The position is responsible for:

  • Maintenance for the flow of incoming and outgoing mail for your assigned department.
  • Delivery and pick up of mail items and documents from the department floor.

Requirements include:

  • The ability to work independently of others, have good time management skills, and comfortable with repetitive tasks. While self-starters are important, candidates must also be comfortable in team environments.
  • Interest and ability to learn to distinguish between different, commonly used documents.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Must be at least High School graduate, or GED holder, with 1 year of related experience.
  • A customer service mindset is critical.
  • Must have the ability to manage a schedule, good relationship building skills, and the ability to multi-task.

Mail clerks are responsible for ensuring that the right documents make it to the right hands both inside and outside the company. One of the most popular success narratives is the ability for someone in the mail room to work their way up to the boardroom. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll be the next CEO, an opportunity of this type can provide a variety of benefits including training within a company with an excellent reputation and building your network. The position starts at $12 per hour.

Apply for this position by clicking here!


If You Aren’t Excited About Your Cover Letter, Why Will the Hiring Manager Be?

March 3rd, 2016

Ripping Up Cover LetterDo you dread sending over the cover letter? You probably have the same basic template that you edit and send to every employer on your list. But, if you’re not excited about what you have to say, how can you expect a hiring manager to be interested? Instead, you need to demonstrate how you meet their requirements and the ways you’ve been successful in your career. Here are some new ideas for creating a cover letter to get you excited about your own experience and generate interest in your resume.

Personalize it.

The most important first step is to make an attempt to find the direct contact’s name for this position. If it isn’t included in the job posting, you may be able to find it on the company website or through LinkedIn. However, if you cannot, never address the letter “To Whom It May Concern.” Instead, go for something less formal and more engaging such as “Good Afternoon.”

Introduce yourself.

The first paragraph should get the reader interested in who you are as a person. You want to engage them and make them curious to learn more about you. Start with something relevant to their hiring needs, but that other candidates may not be able to bring to the table.

Share accomplishments.

Next, craft a paragraph that details how you’ve used your skills and knowledge to solve problem in your past jobs. These accomplishments will be able to give the hiring manager a better picture of why you are a great fit for their position and continue to boost their excitement about speaking with you. This paragraph is not the time to be vague. Providing actual details and numbers makes a bigger impact and is easier for a potential employer to understand.

Express your interest.

While you may think that simply writing a cover letter will express your interest in the job, this isn’t precisely implied. Instead, be bold and state in no uncertain terms not only that you are interested in the job but why you want to work for this particular company at this particular time. Conducting your own research into the company’s values and mission statement or finding recent news articles about the organization reveal you put time into this cover letter and want the job.

Encourage contact.

Lastly, close you letter by making it easy for them to pick up the phone and call you immediately. Your contact information should be on your resume, but don’t even give them a chance to open the attachment or turn the page. If you’ve created a compelling cover letter, they won’t want to waste a single minute before they contact you directly.

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How Can Your Company Overcome the Skills Gap?

January 28th, 2016

Skills Gap

Many organizations are concerned about the skills gap. A skills gap occurs when the requirements for a job are beyond the skills of your available pool of candidates. But experts suggest that the skills gap isn’t a matter of unskilled labor but rather a byproduct of the recession that created conditions for employers to change their hiring processes. So how can you overcome the skills gap? Here is a look at some of the things you can do today.

Revaluate your job requirements.

Is it possible that you’re looking for the purple squirrel? This phrase was coined by recruiters years ago to describe impossible job requisitions. There is a possibility that what you’re looking for simply doesn’t exist and that it isn’t a problem with the pool of candidates. Look to see if you’re creating impossible obstacles to employment with your company. Think about the skills that will make job candidates successful in the opening jobs – not in terms of technical skills but the soft skills that are transferrable. You can teach people a lot of skills if they work hard and are detail-oriented.

Rewrite your job descriptions.

Not only do you have to be concerned that your job requirements aren’t impossible, you need to create job descriptions and advertisements that entice qualified candidates to apply. Rather than simply listing the duties, focus on what your company can offer a professional in that market. You already know what benefits they can provide to you as a qualified employee, but what do they get in return? Make passive candidates, who are more qualified, want to leave their current situation and join your company.

Develop your current employees.

Sometimes companies are looking in the wrong place all together. The superstar candidate may already work for your organization. Look at positions that you can develop into the new opportunity with a little additional training and investment. This creates employee loyalty and you are better able to recruit for the lower-level positions. Current employees will have the motivation to really work hard if a possible promotion exists. When the right person gets rewarded, that really helps office culture.

Pay more money.

Finally, hiring professionals have learned that one of the biggest causes of the so-called skills gap is an inconsistent salary with the market. You may not be getting the right candidates because the people with the skills you want can actually earn more money elsewhere. Start with Salary.com to learn what the position typically pays in your area and then adjust the salary and your budget accordingly. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is also a great resource for salary averages by location.

finding qualified, experienced personnel can be a challenge. Let CornerStone Staffing take the headaches out of hiring and let you do what you do best – run your business. Contact us today to work with one of the top staffing agencies in Texas!

Conduct Exit Interviews That Provide Real Feedback

October 29th, 2015

Do you have an exit interview process in place in your company? Do they work to provide you with good feedback that you can use to improve your workplace experience? There is a lot of mixed information regarding exit interviews so it is important that you know how to conduct an effective version and what to do with the data you receive. Before you face a resignation in your office again, here are some tips to creating exit interviews that really work.

Focus on valued employees.

When a bad employee leaves the company, it really isn’t necessary to determine why they left. Instead, focus your energies and talking with top performers who have given their notice to find out the reasons why they’re choosing to move on. This will help you make improvements to keep top talent on your roster.

Pick the right exit interviewer.

The exit interview should never be handled by the employee’s direct supervisor. They will be unable to be objective and may take statements personally. Instead, have a neutral third party talk with the employee. If you have an HR department, they should handle it. If not, you may want to use a trusted outside business consultant. The cost will be worth the benefits.

Explain the purpose.

It is important that the employee understands the purpose of the conversation. You’re not trying to get them to admit anything personal or trick them into staying with the company. You want them to know that you are looking for constructive criticism and things you can improve in the future. They should also know that their participation is voluntary, but helpful.

Keep it confidential.

The results of the exit interview should never be shared outside of HR or upper management. Do not discuss exit interview information with other employees or even the former employee’s direct supervisor. The only exception to this confidentiality is to share information that may be helpful to improve processes and policies in the future.

Track the results.

Lastly, there will be no improvement if you do not track the results of the exit interviews in a way that help you determine why good employees are leaving the organization. Is it primarily due to policies that they don’t prefer? Or maybe you learn that your salary is not competitive, or that you don’t have a solid advancement plan for star employees. Use the information you get constructively.

Our regular, highly personal communication gives us a staffing insight that’s second to none in the DFW area. And it’s just one reason why we’re able to match the most qualified candidates for the openings that you have. Contact us today to work with the best staffing agencies in DFW and throughout Texas.

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4 Ways to Overcome Gaps in Your Career

September 3rd, 2015


Not every career follows a straight and narrow path. What do you do when there have been detours along the way? Resume gaps are often looked at as a red flag by potential employers, but they don’t always tell the whole story. If you have been climbing the corporate ladder by the stairs, how do you demonstrate that you are qualified and interested in these new job opportunities? Here are some things to consider when addressing the gaps in your career.

Life changes

People get married, start families, move, care for their parents, and more all the time. A life change shouldn’t exclude you from work in the future. While it is not recommended that you spell this out on a resume, you can address this in your cover letter and in an interview. It’s easier to provide context during an interview with an employer when explaining personal situations than addressing it on a piece of paper.

Volunteering and community involvement

One of the best ways to stay engaged when you’re between jobs is to volunteer in your community. Volunteering looks great on a resume and accounts for the time you may not have been working a traditional job. While it’s not the main reason or benefit, volunteering also opens new networking opportunities that could lead to future employment.

Unrelated jobs

Especially during the recession, job seekers were willing to accept any position to help pay the bills. These jobs may be unrelated to the work you’re pursuing as part of your career but do account for the time. You can leave them on you resume without much detail just to show that you do not have a gap in your employment history. Consider a resume format that features skills of job functions rather than a chronological one.

School or other continued learning

Another great thing to add to your resume for the in-between times is continued education. Maybe you took some classes while you were laid off from another job or you’re working part-time while going to school full-time. Heading back to school shows initiative on your part to acquire new skills to kick start your career.

If you are looking for a change in your career, our talented recruiters are here for you. CornerStone Staffing is hiring for jobs in the DFW area and throughout Texas. Contact us today!

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Your Hiring Nightmares: Avoid Them

February 22nd, 2013

Hiring the right candidate for the job is important from the start. It doesn’t take long for a bad hire to affect the entire office and the best solution is prevention. You can save money and time by reevaluating the entire hiring process and eliminating flaws. Here are three unconventional tips that can help you determine the right candidate from the start.

  1. Ask for a joke. Cover letters are boring and typically don’t really provide much insight into the candidate to begin with. One off-the-wall hiring tip is to ask candidates to send you a joke with their resume rather than a cover letter. You will be able to immediately eliminate any candidate who skips this request as someone who doesn’t follow directions. You will also be able to see which candidates can practice restraint. Anyone who sends an off color or offensive joke can be rejected. This will leave you with candidates who truly make you laugh and if they can do that on paper imagine that they may be a great fit to work with you and your team.
  2. Raise their objections. Don’t wait for a candidate to see the work style and office culture after several weeks and decide it isn’t a fit for them. Be honest and up front. The first step is to meet with your current team and discuss the office culture. Put together a list of all the things that might be a little out of the ordinary and may make the more conventional applicants uninterested in the job. Then put these in your ad. You may not get as many applications but you’ll know the ones who do apply are genuinely interested.
  3. Don’t dominate the interview. It is easy to fall into the trap of explaining the job, the company culture, and the business all in great detail. Let the candidate do more of this work. A good candidate is going to prepare for the interview by researching the company before they arrive. Let them tell you what they found instead. The longer you keep them talking the more likely they will deviate from their prepared statements and relax into their true personalities. Now you can evaluate the real them not the selves they prepared for the interview.

Don’t let your bad hire cost your company money. Contact the recruiters at CornerStone Staffing for more information!  

Mobile Recruiting

January 25th, 2013

Generation Y, also called Millennials, are the next big wave to enter the workforce. They think very differently from Generation X and especially the Baby Boomers, so it is important to know how to connect with them. GenY has grown up with access to technology and media that our parents and grandparents could only imagine. It is time for companies to learn their language and embrace mobile recruiting. Here is more information on GenY and the boom of mobile recruiting.

  • Numbers don’t lie. For people who didn’t grow up with computers and smart phones it is hard to grasp how important it is to reach out to GenY in this way. The statistics are pretty interesting. Studies have shown that 70% of multi task on their tablets while watching television. 47% of commuters admit to using their smart phones while in the car. Waiting is no longer a solitary activity; when people are waiting in line at the bank, at the store, for the bus, or for a friend they are plugged in to their devices. This kind of constant stimulation is normal for GenY so why not tap into that power.
  • Grow a relationship. Look at a Facebook page for a successful product. You may see updates written in first person status. Millennials like to feel like they know the people behind a product. Consider the popularity of twitter. Celebrities have profiles that fans can interact with in real time and those fans are elated when they receive a personal response from the famous person, even if it might actually come from an assistant. Use this kind of social media conversation to really engage with your audience. A loyal brand follower could become a loyal employee.
  • Go for immediate gratification. GenY is quite use to constant contact and stimulation, they don’t wait for many things. Instant gratification is easier than ever with access to technology. GenY also communicates this way, so when you present an opportunity on a mobile application they may respond to it right away, but they are also looking for an answer.
  • Consider video. Some people think that YouTube is just for watching cats do silly things or for recording and sharing your home videos, but it is much more than that. Video is the best interactive media available, and YouTube is free to use. Make videos that reach out to your audience and share interview tips and other helpful ideas they can use in their real lives.

Are you considering starting a mobile recruiting program at your company? CornerStone Staffing can help you with the right creative solutions today!

Employee Motivation is Important. Period.

January 11th, 2013

Every business owner wants their business to succeed. In order for that to happen production needs to be maintained at the highest possible level. Employees need to stay engaged in the work they do. There is no magic formula to make this happen nor is there such thing as the perfect employee who never has issues with job fatigue. The only way to keep employees happy on the job is to make sure they stay motivated in the first place. This responsibility rests firmly on the heads of the management team. So how do you keep your employees motivated on the job? Here are three questions you need to be asking your employees to find out the answer for yourself.

  1. Why are you here? Money is always the primary reason for taking a job but if it is the only answer they’ve already resigned themselves to be unhappy with the job. The real question is why did they take a job in your company rather than someone else’s? What do they want to gain from working at your office with your management team?
  2. What can I give you? As a business owner you have access to resources and benefits that you are able to provide to your employees. This might be as simple as recognition or it might be something more industry related. Talk to your employees about the kind of non-standard benefits that you might be able to provide. Do they want access to trade shows? Would they like to see a prominent author speak the next time they are in town? Would they like a little more flexibility in their schedules? These are things you can assess and determine if you can provide.
  3. Can you own this project? When an individual has ownership of a project they are more engage with the final result. If they feel like their input is only negligible they may not care about the ultimate result. Allow your team to take full projects from start to finish based on their interest and expertise.

Are you looking for more advice on how to keep your employees engaged? Contact CornerStone, the leading staffing agency in Fort Worth, today to see how we can help.