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Want to Try Something New in 2017? Consider Temp-to-Hire

January 5th, 2017

try-something-newEvery year. It’s the same idea. The New Year is the perfect time to try something new and different. We make resolutions, set goals, and plan events that can help us grow. So why not try something new in 2017 and consider a temporary to hire position? What is temp-to-hire? You will work with a staffing agency who can help you find a position suitable to your background, experience, and interest. Then, you will work for the agency at their client site for an established period of time. At the end of that time, the client is able to hire you on to their company directly. It’s a great way to learn more about a job and a business before making a full-time commitment. What else do you need to know about temp-to-hire? Let’s take a closer look.

Try before you buy

Businesses take big risks deciding who to hire for their open positions. But working with an agency gives them an opportunity to try out an employee before committing to a full-time hire. But the benefits go both ways. You also get to try out a company before you accept a full-time position to learn if the corporate culture, the other employees, and the job itself are worth committing to.

Learn new things

You don’t only have to accept a position that was the same as your last job or the job before that. Working with a recruiter, you can determine how your skills can benefit any number of organizations. You can look at your transferable skills to see what other positions can be a fit for your interests and experience. Once you start that job, you will have a chance to learn how they run their organization, volunteer to take on new tasks and ask if you can learn new things along the way. The more adaptable you are, the more valuable you are as an employee.

Have flexibility in your career.

A temp-to-hire job is different than short term temporary assignments and accepting a full-time, permanent position with a company you’ve never worked with before. It gives you the power to control the direction in which you steer your career. You will be able to determine if the job is right for you and if it is not, talk to your recruiter to move on to another position.

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Use LinkedIn to Get Real Info During Hiring

December 29th, 2016

linkedin-blogCurrent standards indicate that most serious job seekers should have a basic LinkedIn profile. But what does that mean for employers? When you’re looking for a new candidate for your open position, and you turn to LinkedIn, what are you really looking for? You can use LinkedIn to get real information that can help inform your hiring decision. Here is what to look for and how to use the information when you’re setting up interviews and making offers.

Look for sincere recommendations.

The recommendation section of a LinkedIn profile shouldn’t replace good, old-fashioned references, but they can be helpful. It is easy to tell the difference between a sincere recommendation and one that just goes through the motions. Look for details, mentions of specific scenarios, and how closely the individuals worked together. Then see how many sincere recommendations a person has.

Review mutual connections.

LinkedIn is built on first, second, and third-tier connections. For every person you add to your network, you also add an exponential network. Review the individuals that you have in common with your candidate. Can you reach out to anyone to discuss the individual candidly? What can you learn from these connections about your candidate that can help inform your choice?

See how active they are.

It can also say something about a job applicant when you see how active they are. Not only that they are active, but how they interact with their networks and groups. Do they provide information that is positive and helpful? Do they only use the site to promote themselves or do they share other useful information? Are they positioning themselves as an expert or a thought leader?

Read their blog posts.

Speaking of thought leaders, does this candidate use the LinkedIn blogging platform to share important information about their experience? LinkedIn blogs make it easy for professionals to demonstrate their expertise in their field. Even if they don’t post often, check for the quality of blog posts they’ve made in the past. Are these posts items that can help your company grow or share how knowledgeable your candidate is?

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Why You Need to Become More Positive in 2017

December 22nd, 2016

in-2017Turning over the calendar to the next year can be a welcome change for a lot of people. It’s a natural opportunity to start fresh and set new goals. But that doesn’t mean you can coast through 2017 without major changes. If you’re thinking about career advancement or just making your year more successful overall, there is something you might not be considering. Positivity comes in many forms, and it can make or break your career experience. Here are some of the reasons you should be more positive in 2017.

Negative attitudes are not good to work with.

No one likes to work with someone who has a negative attitude all the time. The challenge sometimes is noticing this behavior in ourselves. If you find yourself thinking negatively more often than not, the people around you will observe it as well. Try to improve your outlook this coming year to project a more positive personality to those around you.

Positive people get more promotions.

If you want concrete reasons why then consider individuals with positive attitudes get promoted more frequently than their negative counterparts. Management teams look for people who offer a positive spin on the company, product, or service. These employees will be considered quickly for movement up the ladder.

Remove toxic people from your life.

Negativity is contagious. Even if you don’t consciously think of yourself in negative terms, spending time with others who are negative can affect the way you interact with everyone around you. Avoiding negative people can help you maintain a positive attitude at work and in your whole life.

Appreciate kindness and helpfulness.

One great way to put positivity into practice is to express your gratitude for others. When someone is kind or helpful, thank them openly and honestly. Use this positive energy to pay it forward and do kind things for others. Just like negativity, positivity also breeds more positivity, and spreading it around will be welcomed.

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What Should Companies Look for in Workforce Management

October 13th, 2016

workforce-managementAre you considering a workforce management solution for your business? If so, what should you be looking for in both a service and their software solution? Before you make a decision on the workforce management partner for your organization, it is important to ask the following questions to better understand what you and your employees need. Here are three things that you should consider before working with an agency to manage your workforce.

1. Online Services

So much is changing in the staffing industry right now. Today, companies that don’t offer online services are quickly falling behind in the marketplace. Businesses and individuals are doing almost everything on line today, so having the option to place work orders and find reports online is critical. It also makes the back office process easier by allowing employees the ability to submit time cards online and the ability for companies to get their invoices electronically. While face-to-face or over the phone contact still exists, the convenience of online communications is essential in today’s business climate.

2. Employee Access

Your employees will also want more information to be available to them. Not only should they be able to submit their time cards online, they also want details. They should be able to access their own online profile which should include start dates, pay history, and performance indicators that will help them improve their skills for future employment. This information will also help potential employers when trying to understand how to manage and motivate their team.

3. Onsite Manager

In many cases, especially if a company needs a large workforce, an onsite manager will be essential. This representative from the staffing agency will be there to help you manage the workforce needs and be a liaison between your company and the staffing agency. Sometimes performance and management issues can come up when the recruiters aren’t available to be onsite to see how individuals interact on the job. This recruiter and employee relationship can be critical for long-term success.

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3 Red Flags that Scream Bad Fit in a Job Candidate

September 29th, 2016

red-flagsHiring is hard, so it is important that you don’t make snap judgments or hire someone on the spot when you have a gut feeling about how they’re perfect. There are several things that should be taken into consideration, including some red flags that can let you know when a candidate isn’t the right fit for you. Before you make a job offer, consider if any of your applicants are guilty of these items of concern. If so, it may be time to walk away and consider an alternative.

Someone with All the Answers and a Habit of Interrupting

It can be frustrating to try to have a conversation when the other person won’t even let you finish a thought without responding. When a candidate does that, it can be a sign of a lot of negative behaviors. First, they may not think through a problem enough before tackling it, resulting in incorrect assumptions. Second, they don’t have respect for other’s thoughts and ideas and aren’t willing to collaborate. And finally, it may actually be a sign that they are truly unprepared and talking over someone is the only way they can exert their will in the conversation.

Someone Who Can’t Explain Why They Have a Gap in Their Resume

Resume gaps are not the actual problem when it comes to hiring someone who has experienced times of unemployment. The real issue is when a candidate can’t explain what happened, why they were out of work, and what they were doing during that time. If they avoid the question or distract you from finding out details, this may be a red flag. If they can’t tell you they were doing something productive during their down time, such as volunteering or caring for a family member, there may be some concerns. Also, if use this as a chance to complain about their former employer, it is time to move on to the next candidate.

Someone Who Demonstrates Core Values that Don’t Fit Your Mission

Core values are highly personal. Your company has them inherent in your mission statement and strives to meet them every day. It is part of your customer service plan, your HR strategy, and your daily interactions. So hiring for a match in values is extremely important. If the candidate demonstrates core values, for better or worse, that are vastly different from your own or your company’s, it will not be a good long-term fit. Even if their skills are perfect and you like them as a person, that innate personality trait will make it difficult for them to integrate into your corporation.

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Do Some Spring Cleaning On Your Resume

April 17th, 2015

When was the last time you got your resume out and dusted it off for a job search? It is very common for working adults to ignore their resume while they’re gainfully employed, which can lead to absolute panic when they need it again. The spring is a popular time for cleaning and sprucing up your home or your life, so why not take this time to review your resume and make some important adjustments that can help you in your next job search?

  • Do you have an objective statement? There is a lot of debate among recruiting professionals whether or not an objective is even important on a resume. Those who believe it shouldn’t be there are concerned that they are often too generic or could send the wrong message for the job. Develop a strong statement or consider leaving it off all together.
  • Do you list skills or accomplishments? At one time, resumes were simply a catalog of all the skills that a candidate possessed. However, in today’s competitive market those standby resumes aren’t enough to land the best jobs. Employers are looking for accomplishments. These accomplishments tell them whether or not you can be an asset to them, not just someone in a seat.
  • Is the resume too generic? It is also common today to customize your resume for each job. When you’re applying, take some time to review the company job description and edit your resume to be a better match for the company’s language. Generic resumes are quickly passed over in favor of those that reflect what the company really wants.
  • Do you have irrelevant information on it? Some job seekers include information about their hobbies or jobs they’ve held that aren’t applicable to their job search. You don’t need this information. Take off anything of a personal nature and never provide your date of birth or social security number. Only include hobbies if they directly affect the job for which you’re applying.
  • What is your ultimate goal? The most important thing you can do when reviewing your resume and sprucing it up this season is to know what you really want. What do you hope to accomplish by submitting this resume to companies? What job are you targeting? An unfocused job search can lead to an unfocused career. Recruiters or hiring managers will be impressed by a job candidate who can articulate their plan.

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3 Ways to Check if the Job Offer is Right for You

February 7th, 2014

When you’ve been on the job market for an extended period of time it can feel like you must accept any job offer that comes your way. However, it is very important that you only accept an offer that fits with your life outside work, your career goals, and your personal values. How do you know that a job is right for you when you’re given an offer? Here are some tips.

  1. Compare and contrast. Look at how this job stacks up against your current job or projected career path. Is there a better commute or work from home options? What is the salary? What kind of growth potential does it offer? What kind of connection do you feel you can have with the team? How does it fit into your long term goals? Some aspects can be negotiable but others are essential for your long term happiness.
  2. Know before an offer is extended. No amount of money can make a bad job into a good one. You will know before you are given an offer if you feel like this opportunity is a good fit for you. Consider two specific categories: the money and everything else. Know your walk-away number before you enter into negotiations. This can be figured out using your current or previous salary history, salary surveys in your areas such as, and how much you need to make to pay for your lifestyle and still have money in savings.  The benefits, hours, flexibility, and work/life balance also need to be considered.
  3. How the offer is presented. In a highly competitive market, a verbal offer shouldn’t be the end of the process. It is very important that when a company says they want for you to start with them that you see an offer with all of the benefits and money listed in writing. This can prevent miscommunications or misunderstandings that come with verbal offers. If a company is unwilling to give you a written job offer it may be time to walk way.

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Hot Jobs at CornerStone: Receptionist and Research/Document Processor Positions Available

November 22nd, 2013


Our client in Richardson is seeking a qualified receptionist for their front desk.

A receptionist has the responsibility to make the best first impression for all visitors and phone calls into the company. Our client is looking for a candidate who is polished and professional who can handle all phone calls and questions as well as greet and direct onsite visitors. This position is also responsible for preparing for meetings as well as any typing, data entry, and spreadsheet support needed in the office. The receptionist will also monitor the break room and make sure that guests have everything they need, including coffee.

The schedule is Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm. This is a temporary to possible hire position. The pay range is from $12 to $14 per hour depending on previous experience. According to the data on, this is the average for the position in the Richardson area.

Contact CornerStone Staffing to learn more about this opportunity.

HOA Researcher and Document Processor

HOA Research Processor: This position will be doing Internet research utilizing Google Maps, as well as cold calling to acquire contact info about Homeowners Associations. Looking for candidates who are internet savvy, comfortable entering data into Excel spreadsheets, working on 2 monitors, and comfortable on the phones.

Document Processor: We are looking for sharp candidates with previous HOA & Mortgage experience to communicate with HOAs to gather necessary documents (Deeds, GLs, W9s). Strong communication – both verbal & written. Excellent computer skills & data entry required.

These positions are located in Coppell, TX; Work schedule is Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm.

Contact CornerStone Staffing if you’re interested in learning more about these positions.

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3 Ways to Stand Out as a Job Seeker With Online Branding

November 8th, 2013

Online branding is a fact of life in today’s fast paced Internet communications landscape. It is no longer just corporations and small businesses who need to consider their online image but also job seekers. While you’re in the market for a new opportunity have you made sure that your online message is accessible and interesting to potential recruiters and hiring managers? Here are three ways you can use the Internet to stand out as a job seeker.

  1. Use keywords in your LinkedIn profile. Like many internet tools, LinkedIn uses search algorithms to help individuals find what they are looking for on the site. Keywords are the best way to attract the right companies to your profile. When a recruiter or hiring manager searches LinkedIn for potential candidates they enter words into their search and the site returns results based on specific fields of information. Pay attention to the keywords in your headline, your job title, and your skills to attract more views. Also be sure to include all possible keyword combinations. You may be an executive administrative assistant but companies may also search for phrases like calendar management, travel arrangements, and Microsoft Office expert.
  2. Create a blog. Blogging has grown exponentially since the concept emerged over a decade ago. One of the best uses of a blog is to create a site that draws the attention of others in your industry. You want create compelling content that can provide valuable insight which will make your name stand out as an expert in your field. Update your blog consistently. Most experts suggest at least one post per week. Provide valuable content that your readers will want to share. Use social media to promote your blog.
  3. Be active in social media groups. Facebook and LinkedIn are two of the most popular online networking sites. Many users will keep Facebook for friends and family and do all of their professional networking on LinkedIn. However, both can be very useful for group interactions. Search both sites for groups that suit your experience and interested and participate in the conversations. Answer questions, share resources, and be a positive influence. This can be one of the best ways to make connections that will turn into professional resources.

Are you looking for more ways to develop your personal brand online? If you are looking for jobs in Arlington TX, contact us today.

Haven’t Heard Back? Don’t Panic! Why Job Offers Get Put On Hold.

October 28th, 2011

After putting the time and effort into crafting a unique and effective resume and a razor sharp cover letter. After preparing–and acing–your interview. You wait…

…and wait.

It can be incredibly unnerving waiting to hear back after an interview!

The truth is, maybe you did ace your interview. But, sometimes, job offers are put on hold. Several factors can impact job offer timing, including:

  • The budget has shifted. Sometimes, businesses allocate funds for a new hire, only to see the budget moved elsewhere. This may cause the hiring to be put on hold for the short term, or indefinitely.
  • Hiring takes time. Even after you’ve gone through the standard steps of landing a job, the process can take even longer within an organization. Several layers of management may be involved in the decision – layers of management with stacks of work on their desks and zero time to make a hiring decision. Or, maybe an immediate hiring need superseded the position for which you were applying. Hiring can be a very long process – although we know that might not necessarily make you feel better. Waiting can be hard!
  • They hired someone internally. Sometimes employers will interview several external candidates, but they end up choosing an internal employee to fill the position. And unfortunately, you might not always hear back from an employer when this occurs.

Feel like you’ve been put on hold? Do something about it!

Following up with employers can be a great way to stay at the top of the pack. And when internal factors delay hiring decisions, staying top of mind can mean the difference between starting your new job and sending out your next resume. Check in with your interviewer by sending a quick email offering to provide additional information, or better yet, ask during your interview when you should follow up (or expect to hear back). Setting expectations from the beginning can help prevent nervous waiting down the line.

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