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How Can You Land Your Next Customer Service Job?

April 20th, 2017

Have you been struggling to find your next customer service position? While this job title is common, there is also a lot of competition for the roles available. It is important that you stand out from the crowd and position yourself as the right solution to the hiring manager’s needs. What can you do to improve your chances of getting hired after your next customer service interview? Let’s take a closer look.

Share the experiences where you directly helped someone.

When a company is looking to hire a customer service rep, they need someone who can solve a problem. Either they have too few reps that customers aren’t getting the attention they deserve or they have unqualified reps who are unable to keep up with the needs of customers. Without throwing any individual under the bus, demonstrate how you have directly helped people you’ve worked with in your customer service experience.

Offer a great reference who supports you as a customer service rep.

Never underestimate the power of a good reference in your back pocket. And, specifically, you’ll want the name and contact information of someone who can speak about your success as a customer service representative. Often, the HR department of your previous company won’t cut it. Talk to former co-workers or managers with whom you have a positive relationship. Ask them to be your character reference.

Know how to use an online messaging system.

What was once an exclusively telephone-based industry is quickly evolving. More and more companies are offering text-based consultations to help customers. And many customers love it, whether it is because they have telephone anxiety or they don’t have time to wait on hold. Demonstrating that you know how to use an online messenger system or chat bot can make the difference in a competitive market.

Demonstrate how you think on your feet and provide great answers.

Ninety-nine percent of customer service is the ability to think on your feet when confronted with people who may be less than happy with your company, products, or services. If you can demonstrate how you provide great answers quickly and are able to satisfy the needs of the customer, you’ve shown your worth in spades. Tell the story of your experience and engage the interviewer. Make them interested in working with you.

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Want to Retain Top IT Talent? Focus on These Areas

November 10th, 2016

retain-employeesEmployee retention is just as important as hiring the right IT talent from the start. To keep your star tech employees happy and engaged, it is imperative to focus on certain areas to create loyalty and enrichment. Without addressing these items, you may find yourself replacing unhappy or disgruntled IT employees far too often. Here are 5 areas you can focus on to retain your top talent in the IT department.

1. Provide flexible options.

Today’s top IT talent are looking for a flexible workplace. Not only do they want the ability to be flexible with their time, but also the freedom to explore solutions without being micromanaged. Provide a results based workplace that tracks the completion of projects without getting caught up in the hours they take to complete these tasks.

2. Increase open communications.

IT employees also want open lines of communications that go two ways. They want to be able to discuss concerns with their employer whenever necessary. But they also want to hear feedback. And don’t only approach your team with negative feedback. Be sure to provide positive reinforcement as well.

3. Focus on hiring and onboarding.

The first impression is probably the most important. If you can give them a quality experience in the hiring process and within the first days of training, you will increase overall satisfaction on the job. Provide an orientation that introduces them to the corporate culture. Match them with a mentor who can answer their questions along the way.

4. Provide access to the best technology.

An IT department without access to the latest technology tools will be quickly crippled in the solutions they can provide. If you don’t offer these tools to your employees, they will find a company who will. Give them all the tools they need to make informed decisions and provide top solutions for your department.

5. Offer options for career development.

IT employees, especially those in the millennial generation, are craving continued education and career development. An employer that doesn’t care about the future goals of an employee is not one that these professionals want to work with. Give them options to learn more and expand their horizons while on the job.

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Unsure About Accepting the Position? Look at These Areas

September 22nd, 2016

unsure-about-accepting-the-positionNow that you’ve submitted your resume, attended the interview, and have received the job offer, what happens next? If you are on the fence at all about accepting this new position, there may be reasons for that. Before you say yes or sign any paperwork, it is worth taking a little time to decide. Politely let them know that you want to contact them back in a day or two so you have some time to weigh your options. And consider these areas to determine if the job is right for you.

The company values

The first step is to evaluate the company mission statement, their core values, and the reputation of the business. It is imperative that your personal values do not conflict with the values of the organization or your employment there will not be mutually beneficial. If you see things that you don’t like or you find that the company does not hold the same core values as you do, it may be time to consider another avenue. But, if your values match, it could be a great fit.

Career development

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? You were probably asked this question in the interview process, but did you ask them about what they can provide you in those 10 years? Do you see yourself continuing to work for the company, or is it just a stepping stone? What kinds of career development opportunities do they have in place and how many people have been promoted within the company. Depending on the answer, you may have to make a decision.

New coworker dynamics

Did you have a chance to meet the others in the office? If you weren’t introduced to your future coworkers, this may be a red flag all by itself. The people you work with directly may be the most important dynamic in your new workplace, so it is critical to know whether or not you will get along with them or if there will be problems blending your work style.

Follow your gut

We are given so many conflicting thoughts about trusting our own instincts that it can be hard to make a decision. Don’t let this paralysis set in. If you have a negative feeling about the company, there might be a reason for that. Alternately, if you feel like this is an organization where you can really fit in and make a difference for them and for your long term career goals, go ahead and accept the offer.

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