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Boring Candidates? Boring Job Descriptions Might Be Why

May 11th, 2017

Do you find it hard to stifle a yawn when looking at new resumes or interviewing candidates for your open positions? It may not be a lack of energy in the local talent pool causing this to happen. Boring candidates can be a result of boring job descriptions attracting the wrong personality types to your jobs. But you have the power to spice things up, and here’s how. Before you put your next job opening out there to hope for a new batch of exciting candidates, consider these 4 ways you can improve your job descriptions to attract a better overall quality of potential employee.

Be excited.

Candidates can tell when you’re excited about your own business or opportunity. If you don’t convey this, they may not see what kind of a great job you have to offer. Use your own enthusiasm about working with your company to show some personality in your job description. Don’t just be exciting, be excited about the prospect of these great new candidates working for you.

Start with a bang.

Your job description needs to start with the most exciting part of your company. Use whatever it is to grab attention without being too over the top that you achieve the opposite effect. This needs to start with an attention grabbing headline to convince candidates to click on your job posting.

Include important info.

You also want to make sure that you share the most pertinent information to the job. Without providing a laundry list of duties, share the general responsibilities. Provide a salary range so you can focus on candidates who are qualified but realistic for the job opportunity.

Personalize it.

Finally, you want to personalize the job description. Make it inviting to apply. Some companies personalize a description by including a photo of the recruiter so candidates can get an idea of who they will be talking with when they submit their resume. This can humanize the process so they don’t feel like they are sending their resume into a black hole.

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Improve Body Language to Help Your Networking

October 6th, 2016

eyeshandspostureoh-myYou know that networking is important to your career. But did you know that the body language you project when meeting new professionals is as important as meeting them in the first place? If you can master appropriate body language when you’re networking, you will find that you’re making better connections for your career. Here are some aspects of body language that you should be aware of when you’re in the networking process.

Maintain appropriate eye contact.

Eye contact is important for interpersonal communication. It’s how we learn to understand one another, and how we gauge whether or not someone is honest or trustworthy. But eye contact can be challenging for some people, so it is equally as important to know how to use it and in what context. Don’t stare, but be casual and look them in the eye in a natural way.

Be relaxed when standing or sitting.

At most networking events, you’ll find yourself standing but there may be occasions when you’re sitting as well. The most important thing is to be relaxed while you’re communicating with someone else. Don’t cross your arms, because that indicates you’re closed off. Don’t fidget, because that demonstrates nervousness. Don’t spread out too far because that indicates arrogance and ownership.

Walk with purpose.

Look up, be confident, and be comfortable. The way you walk says just as much about you as your body language when sitting or standing. Shuffling is a sign that you’re uncomfortable. Being pushy will also send the wrong message. Walk with confidence and an easy stride and you’ll send the right message. You want your energy to be the focus.

Practice good posture.

Your teachers were right, it is important to stand up or sit up straight. Keeping your spine straight and avoiding a slouch will send the message that you’re confident and you want to engage with others around you. Posture is a big part of how we judge each other’s body language, so pay special attention to how you’re sitting or standing.

Focus on that handshake.

Finally, it is important to make sure that you have a firm handshake. It is perfectly okay to practice ahead of time. It can be difficult to avoid sweaty palms when you’re nervous, but do what you can to make yourself feel at ease in public spaces. Don’t let your hand be the dead fish grip that everyone dreads. Grasp firmly, but don’t squeeze hard, and know when to let go.

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Will a Company Wellness Initiative Help Business?

July 21st, 2016

CompanyWellnessProgram-Wellness programs are popular with a lot of businesses today. Giving your staff the tools they need to make smarter, healthier choices can benefit not only each person but also your company as a whole. In fact, there is ample evidence to support the idea that wellness initiatives strengthen business. Before you begin the process of creating a wellness program for your team, consider the ways in which it can help your company be more successful.

The needs for your employees

Do a survey in your office to see what it is that your staff is looking for in an employer-sponsored program. This will allow you to create an initiative that takes into account the best interest of everyone and make them feel like they had a hand in its creation. You may think one set of activities will be popular, but your employees may want something totally different.

Implementation of the program

There is real skill in the implementation of a wellness program. You don’t want to seem overbearing to your staff and scare them off. If you make the entire process mandatory, you will anger some of your team who would rather be left alone. If you make it voluntary, how do you encourage the majority of your staff to participate? You also don’t want to distract them from daily productivity in the process. Finding a balance in this area takes time and can be challenging.

How to track results

Your goal as an employer is to increase employee participation, encourage teamwork, make it fun, and boost the overall effectiveness in their jobs. So how can you track the results to determine if this is happening? One option is to create a contest that will encourage participation. Make it competitive, collaborative, or individual based on the personalities of your employees. Be careful with not making it appear you are tying any workplace promotions or bonuses to this participation.

Employee satisfaction and loyalty

Overall, happier employees will make your company more successful. If they see that you, as an employer, are more concerned about their wellbeing than the bottom line, they will be much more willing to participate. This dedication encourages loyalty to you and the company as a whole. Go the extra mile and so will your team.

Today, finding qualified, experienced personnel can be a challenge. Let CornerStone Staffing take the headaches out of hiring and let you do what you do best – run your business. Contact one of the top staffing agencies in Dallas today to get started!

Ready for a New Career? Here’s How to Make the Shift

March 17th, 2016

New PathAre you restless in your current job? Are you thinking about trying something new? After much consideration, it may be time to journey down a new career path. So how exactly do you do that? Making a big career shift isn’t always an easy process. You have to overcome a lot of objections from the people around you, and your own inner voice. But here are some questions to answer when looking at a career transition.

How can you show your skills?

When you’re transitioning to a new position it is important to demonstrate to potential employers that the skills you already possess are transferable to the new industry. In most cases, skills are easy to shift to a new job or industry, but the language we use to describe them is often single-minded. Rework your resume using the skills you have and placing them in the context of the new job. Consider a skills-based resume if that will help make your case to potential companies.

Will you need to take a step down?

In some cases, you may have to start back from the beginning in order to transition your career. The years of experience you have may not translate as easily to the new job. Be humble and gracious and spend this new time learning everything you can so advancement will come naturally. You might need to take a lower-level job than you are used to, but showing a tenacious work ethic and experience can help you find promotions faster.

Who do you talk to?

When you are choosing to leave one career for another, some of your success may lie in who you communicate with about the transition. Find out the right places in your community or online to network and get the word out that you are in the market. Talk to people who already know you and see if they have any connections in the new field. Find a mentor to share their success stories and learn from their mistakes.

Where do you start?

You may also want to start with some of the basics. Can education help you move forward or add to your resume to help you reach the right people and the right jobs? Do your research and come to the table prepared for anything. The more you know, the more attractive you will be to potential employers. Employers will notice if you are just frustrated in your job and looking for anything new as opposed to a job candidate who has done their research and a lot of thought into a career shift.

If you are looking for a change in your career, our talented recruiters are here for you. Contact a leading staffing agency in Texas with a number of locations throughout the state. Reach out to our great team today!


Focus on the Candidate Experience in 2016

January 14th, 2016

Thumbs up Have you made your management resolutions this year? If you haven’t thought about it yet, consider focusing on the candidate experience throughout 2016. With a competitive job market and numerous companies looking for qualified candidates, the experience that job seekers get during the job search goes a long way. If you want to know the best ways to enhance your candidate experience, here are some ideas to implement this year.

Communicate Face to Face.

Most job candidates get very excited during the job search process. They want to hear back from their staffing agency or from the company they are applying with for the new job. If a job candidate isn’t going to get the job, some hiring managers ignore the email communication from job seekers because they won’t be hiring them for the job. That’s not a good business practice to follow. While you don’t have to respond to every overeager email, keeping job seekers updated on the process is respectful and will provide a great image.

Importance of Social Media

Not only will you look at the social media profiles of job candidates and search for them on the Internet, astute job seekers will do the same thing to their potential employers. Your company controls the message coming out of its official social media accounts, but you don’t directly control the message coming from the employees of your company. You can’t monitor their social media accounts and tell them what to say, but education to your employees about the importance of social media can go a long way. Teaching them that spreading great stories about your company will lead to more top talent wanting to join your company. Those types of posts also will help with the professional development of your current employees.

Organized and Engaging Interview

When job candidates arrive at your company for the interview, they want to feel important and not just like another number in the job search. Have their interview schedule be organized and follow it closely. Introduce the job candidates to the appropriate parties and have them be prepared and knowledgeable about the candidate. Anything your company can do to make the job candidate feel welcome will leave a great impression and help your chances in landing them.

More than half of our recruiters have been working with CornerStone Staffing for more than 10 years. That experience allows our company to have a great insight into the topics affecting companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Contact us today to work with one of the top staffing agencies in Dallas!

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The Right Ways to Ask about the Job in the Interview

January 7th, 2016

The Right Ways to Ask about the Job in the Interview
Every job seeker knows that sometimes you read a job description or a posted ad and realize that, while you’re qualified for the job, you’re not entirely certain what the job does. Of course, you send your resume anyway because, why not? So what happens when they call you in for the interview? This is the moment you can hear straight from the horse’s mouth what the job duties and expectations are for this role. But there is a right way and a wrong way to ask these questions. Don’t ask, “What does this job do?” Instead, here are some better suggestions.

What are the goals for the company as a whole?

You want to find out where the company sees itself in the coming years, just like they want to know your personal career goals. This way you can see if they align with your goals, or you can be ready to handle surprises when they do happen. Keep in mind that expected goals are often different from the real-life eventualities, but if you’re both on the same page to begin with then you can both roll with the punches.

Do you see any projects that might come up in the future?

The job description is one thing, but what about things that they didn’t list? You never want to be the employee that declares that something isn’t in their job description, but it is helpful for you to know if there are any additional expectations, or even opportunities, that will be coming up in the future.

What is an average day in this position?

The job description may have been vague. So, if you want to know what is really expected every day, ask about it specifically. You want to know what any given average day looks like for someone in this role in this company. It is even better when you’re able to ask the person who is currently in this position or someone else from the same department.

What are your expectations for a successful candidate?

Lastly, you want to know what qualities they want to see in an employee. You have to make sure you match in personality as well as in abilities. Ask them what other successful people have brought to the table to see how well your personal soft skills apply in their company culture.

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Conduct Exit Interviews That Provide Real Feedback

October 29th, 2015

Do you have an exit interview process in place in your company? Do they work to provide you with good feedback that you can use to improve your workplace experience? There is a lot of mixed information regarding exit interviews so it is important that you know how to conduct an effective version and what to do with the data you receive. Before you face a resignation in your office again, here are some tips to creating exit interviews that really work.

Focus on valued employees.

When a bad employee leaves the company, it really isn’t necessary to determine why they left. Instead, focus your energies and talking with top performers who have given their notice to find out the reasons why they’re choosing to move on. This will help you make improvements to keep top talent on your roster.

Pick the right exit interviewer.

The exit interview should never be handled by the employee’s direct supervisor. They will be unable to be objective and may take statements personally. Instead, have a neutral third party talk with the employee. If you have an HR department, they should handle it. If not, you may want to use a trusted outside business consultant. The cost will be worth the benefits.

Explain the purpose.

It is important that the employee understands the purpose of the conversation. You’re not trying to get them to admit anything personal or trick them into staying with the company. You want them to know that you are looking for constructive criticism and things you can improve in the future. They should also know that their participation is voluntary, but helpful.

Keep it confidential.

The results of the exit interview should never be shared outside of HR or upper management. Do not discuss exit interview information with other employees or even the former employee’s direct supervisor. The only exception to this confidentiality is to share information that may be helpful to improve processes and policies in the future.

Track the results.

Lastly, there will be no improvement if you do not track the results of the exit interviews in a way that help you determine why good employees are leaving the organization. Is it primarily due to policies that they don’t prefer? Or maybe you learn that your salary is not competitive, or that you don’t have a solid advancement plan for star employees. Use the information you get constructively.

Our regular, highly personal communication gives us a staffing insight that’s second to none in the DFW area. And it’s just one reason why we’re able to match the most qualified candidates for the openings that you have. Contact us today to work with the best staffing agencies in DFW and throughout Texas.

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Evaluate LinkedIn Recommendations for Quality

October 16th, 2015

LinkedIn RecommendationsLinkedIn recommendations are not a substitute for complete references of your candidates, but they can help you make a decision. How do you know which recommendations are genuine and which are just fluff? There are a few ways to notice the differences between good and not-so-good. When you’re looking at LinkedIn recommendations, here are the things you should be keeping in mind.

Pay attention to details

“I loved working with Eric. He was a true professional and I would recommend him to anyone.” As an example, this is a pretty poor LinkedIn recommendation. The writer didn’t even indicate how they knew Eric or what he did for the organization. They neglected to mention any accomplishments or why they would recommend him to others. While you’re reading recommendations look for specific details that help you put together the narrative about your candidate’s jobs.

Look for matching content

Now that you know to look for details, what is the content you should focus on? Of course, the most important thing is whether or not their previous work is related to the job for which you wish to hire them. Do their former employers and supervisors use terms that your organization uses? Did they provide praise for skills that are directly related to your company? The more information you can find that makes the job candidate a potential fit for your company, the likelihood increases they will succeed.

Notice the personal connections

You also want to be sure that the person contributing the recommendation has actually worked with the candidate. What is the relationship? Were they a co-worker or a supervisor? Was your candidate just fishing for recommendations to include on their page? A good recommendation will include the details such as, “I was Eric’s direct supervisor at Daedalus Technologies where he was able to increase our revenue by 60 percent with a few small changes in our procedures.”

Check the profile

Take this process one step further and check out the profiles of the individuals who have provided the recommendations. Don’t get too caught up on whether or not they’re active on LinkedIn, but whether or not their profiles are genuine. Is it just a name and cursory information without even a profile picture? This could be a red flag. Make a connection with strong profiles and reach out for more information whenever necessary.

All staffing firms claim to have excellent customer service, but at CornerStone Staffing, we truly live by this philosophy. We know that time is money and that when you need to fill a position, you need it filled right away! Contact our great team today to help fill jobs in Dallas or from any of our nine other locations.

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You Need to Delegate. Get Your Staff to Buy in

September 24th, 2015

Delegate - Copy

Delegation is a delicate art. As a manager it is your job to ensure that your staff takes on the tasks that need to be completed and well executed. You’ve hired a staff that is competent and professional so it is important that you use their skills in the best ways possible and not fall into the trap of doing everything yourself. So how do you get your team to buy into the projects you’re delegating? Remember, you don’t want your staff to think you are just passing off work so you have less to do. The reason for delegation is to help the overall company and allow you to focus on bigger projects from your management role. Here are some tips to ensure that delegation is one of your top skills as a manager.

Specify the results, not the methods.

Many managers will get caught up in the minutia of how a job should be done. Ultimately it is the results that matter. Allow your staff to control the steps and only focus on the results of their work. Is it correct and satisfactory? If the answer is yes, they’ve succeeded.

Consult your staff in the process.

When you are in the process of delegating tasks talk to your staff about what they want to handle and what they feel comfortable doing. If you delegate based on your team’s strengths you will have better results in the long term.

Provide all the right support.

There is nothing worse than being delegated a task and then being unable to perform the project because the right tools or answers are not available. Be sure that you can provide this information to your team throughout the process of completing the specific project.

Make recommendations rather than provide answers.

Micromanagement happens when a manager is unable to give up control of a project. So when your team comes to you with questions about the project don’t jump in and start answering all the questions. Instead, provide recommendations that will help them finish the project.

Establish a chain of communications.

Throughout this entire process your staff needs to be able to communicate with you and each other. Make sure that communications happen early and often. Make yourself available for questions and recommendations at all times. Don’t put restrictions on how or why your staff should talk with you.

All staffing firms claim to have excellent customer service, but at CornerStone Staffing, we truly live by this philosophy. We know that time is money and that when you need to fill a position, you need it filled right away!  Cornerstone Staffing Agencies features jobs in Dallas TX and any of our nine other locations. Call us today to get started!

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Make Temporary Help Feel Welcome Quickly

May 15th, 2015

A new employee always has a period of adjustment but for a temporary staff member the first few days on the job can be even more difficult. Often temps don’t feel like a full-fledged member of the team so it is imperative that managers make an effort to help them feel welcome starting on their very first day. Here are some ways you can make your temporary help feel more welcome from the moment they arrive.

Have workspace and equipment ready.

Far too often temps complain that the company wasn’t ready for them when they arrived. They have to wait, sometimes almost all day, for a desk or a computer to be set up for them to work. This experience can negatively impact the temp’s impression of the company and set the tone for the entire assignment. Instead, when you schedule the temp for the job get the process started to ensure they have all the equipment they need from the time they arrive.

Pair them with a permanent employee mentor.

Isolation is another big concern for temporary employees. On top of that they sometimes have to deal with the misplaced aggression from the permanent staff who may feel threatened by their presence in the company. To eliminate both of these problems choose one of your trusted employees to become an on-site mentor for the temp employee. They can help show the new team member the office and answer any of their questions. Also, assure your current staff that the temp is there to make their jobs easier, not to replace them.

Allow them to access company information.

Confidential company information doesn’t need to be shared with everyone who walks into your building, but if the job your temporary staff member is doing is reliant on data then you need to find a way to provide it safely. Give a temp access to the data they need to effectively perform the job they’ve been assigned. Part of the reasoning for this access is to make your temporary employee feel like a vital team member. Frequently, good temps go on to become trusted permanent employees and this works best when they feel like they’re part of the team.

Follow up with the service and the employee.

The recruiter who placed your temporary staff member on the job is an important piece of the puzzle. They will usually check in weekly to see how the employee is doing. Don’t ignore these calls. Discuss any concerns and determine solutions. At the same time, don’t cut the temporary employee out of conversations either. Provide feedback to them on the job so they can improve anything that needs improvement right away. And, don’t forget to give them praise if they’re performing well.

Are you looking to add a temporary employee or summer help on the job? CornerStone Staffing Agencies in Fort Worth TX can help so call today!