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Boring Candidates? Boring Job Descriptions Might Be Why

May 11th, 2017

Do you find it hard to stifle a yawn when looking at new resumes or interviewing candidates for your open positions? It may not be a lack of energy in the local talent pool causing this to happen. Boring candidates can be a result of boring job descriptions attracting the wrong personality types to your jobs. But you have the power to spice things up, and here’s how. Before you put your next job opening out there to hope for a new batch of exciting candidates, consider these 4 ways you can improve your job descriptions to attract a better overall quality of potential employee.

Be excited.

Candidates can tell when you’re excited about your own business or opportunity. If you don’t convey this, they may not see what kind of a great job you have to offer. Use your own enthusiasm about working with your company to show some personality in your job description. Don’t just be exciting, be excited about the prospect of these great new candidates working for you.

Start with a bang.

Your job description needs to start with the most exciting part of your company. Use whatever it is to grab attention without being too over the top that you achieve the opposite effect. This needs to start with an attention grabbing headline to convince candidates to click on your job posting.

Include important info.

You also want to make sure that you share the most pertinent information to the job. Without providing a laundry list of duties, share the general responsibilities. Provide a salary range so you can focus on candidates who are qualified but realistic for the job opportunity.

Personalize it.

Finally, you want to personalize the job description. Make it inviting to apply. Some companies personalize a description by including a photo of the recruiter so candidates can get an idea of who they will be talking with when they submit their resume. This can humanize the process so they don’t feel like they are sending their resume into a black hole.

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It’s National Safety Month! 5 Ways to Make It a Priority

June 9th, 2016

Work SafetyJune is National Safety Month. To honor this important observance, we want to provide some ways a company can make safety a priority not just this month but all year long. And safety isn’t just an important issue in production or industrial environments. If you’ve been wondering how to create the right safety plan for your office, here are five things that can help you initiate a safety program and ensure that your workers are protected in the workplace.

1. Get buy-in from administration.

The first step is to ensure that your senior staff is on board. They really should be to encourage participation from everyone. There are a variety of statistics that you can share that demonstrate the need for better safety regulations in your company. Talk to them about being ambassadors for safety for the company as a whole. When lower-level employees see management and executives making safety a priority, it’s much easier to  have that culture permeate the office.

2. Reward appropriate behaviors.

When an employee has taken the initiative to conduct their job in the safest manner, they should be recognized for their effort. Rewarding positive behaviors helps reinforce the need for strong safety measures in a productive way, and will encourage others to follow suit. There also should be recognition for employees who point out a dangerous situation or something that could be fixed before an accident occurs. You never want to give out the feeling that employees will be disciplined or penalized for pointing something dangerous out.

3. Continued training and education.

Of course, none of this will be effective if your staff is not properly trained on safety precautions, actions and plans. Not only should you train all new employees on your safety procedures, but you should continue to reinforce this information with new training throughout the course of someone’s career with your company. Continued training for your current employees is a great way to show you care about them, which will only help your retention.

4. Accountability for safety violations.

It is also critical that anyone within your office who violates safety protocol should be given the proper discipline for their actions. If they are made accountable as soon as a violation is perceived you may prevent a serious accident from occurring in the future.

5. Office safety specifics.

To prevent injury in your office environment, consider precautions that include fall prevention, being struck by unbalanced objects and office ergonomics. For instance, be sure to clean up any spills in the break room that can cause an employee to slip. Shut all cabinet doors and drawers so another employee doesn’t accidentally run into them or the cabinet doesn’t topple. Ensure everyone’s desk chair is appropriate.

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