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What Else Does a Staffing Agency Provide?

April 27th, 2017

We imagine you’ve arrived here at this blog post because you’re wondering what exactly a staffing agency can do for you and your company. Sure, you know that you can contact an agency when you need temporary or temp to hire employees to staff open positions or help with projects in your business. But is there more to it than just temps? A staffing agency offers a number of benefits to your company, so let’s take a look at some of the big ones.

Workforce management

Depending on your needs and agreement with your staffing provider, they can also help with workforce management. This is an integrated set of processes that will optimize the level of productivity of each employee and in the department. Many agencies provide onsite workforce management and can partner with you to determine the best metrics and procedures.

Managed service provider

In a more specific way, you may also work with an agency to provide an entire department that is necessary for your operations but not exclusive to your product or services. An MSP is an outsourced agency that can manage this specific aspect for you, such as a separate IT department.

Recruitment process outsourcing

There may also be a benefit to outsourcing your entire hiring process to an agency that specializes in placements for your industry. In some cases, the RPO provider can install their own recruiting or human resources department or may take over aspects of your company’s staff, technology, or reporting processes. This can allow you to focus on your business rather than the business of hiring.

Employer of record

One of the most important aspects of working with an agency to provide workers in your company is that they assume the role of Employer of Record. When you have a workforce staffed and managed by your staffing partner, they assume all the responsibilities for issuing W-2s to the employees. They will be in control of all federal and state employee guidelines, and overall compliance. This will reduce the liability that your company has over the employees on site.

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Want to Be a Good Leader? Do These 3 Things

July 14th, 2016

Are You A Good Leader-Being a good leader is a very different thing than being a manager. Leaders can go beyond management positions. They are the people who motivate us, encourage us and lead by example. So how can you become a good leader, regardless of what your title is today? Cultivating leadership skills are a great way to continue your personal growth and advance your career in the long term. Here are three things you can start doing today that will help you be a better leader.

Be confident.

As a leader, it is important that you make decisions and stand by them. Of course, you can always ask for input from your staff or co-workers, but ultimately the final say will be your decision. When you are not confident or you act passive aggressively about the decisions you make, you will fail to instill a sense of assurance in the people around you. Of course, be sure that you don’t cross the line between confidence and arrogance. Recognize help you get, leave your ego at home, and remain humble about your choices and successes. This will be a winning combination for leadership.

Follow through.

Ultimately, your word is all you have. When you communicate with your staff or co-workers, it is important that you follow through on the things you say. If you make a promise, be sure to keep it. If you schedule a meeting, don’t miss it. If you make a commitment, follow up. Don’t be late because lateness sends the message that you believe your time is more important than everyone else’s. Following through also means that if you make a mistake, you need to own up to it. Everyone makes mistakes, but a true leader can show their worth by how they respond to the situation.

Become a mentor.

They say those who want to learn something should teach it. This is one of the reasons that becoming a mentor for someone is a great way to not only help others but yourself. Find a young employee who you can relate to. Someone who reminds you of yourself at that age. Talk to them about your experience and how it can make a real impact on their lives and their future by leading by example. If someone comes to you asking for advice or about your experiences, take time to talk with them.

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