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4 Ways to Keep Your Accounting Staff from Burning Out

March 16th, 2017

Your accounting staff is the backbone of your business. It’s important to keep them engaged, happy, and productive. As a business owner or manager, can you provide the right support and incentives to prevent them from burning out too soon in their career? If you can start this process, you will be able to retain your top accounting talent. By implementing policies that help your team stay focused and happy you will reduce your need to replace key roles and can build a better overall corporate culture. So how do you get started? Here are 4 things to consider.

1. Pay attention to the busy season.

The first quarter of the year is always busy for accounting professionals. Tax season can be challenging for anyone dealing with corporate taxes, individual taxes, or providing support to the accountants on the team. It is essential that you pay attention to the workflow during this busy time and make sure that your team isn’t being overworked.

2. Provide fun activities.

Employees from any department can benefit from socializing together. As a manager, you can facilitate these kinds of activities. Bring in lunch or dinners, especially when the workload is highest. During stressful times, people may be inclined to skip meals to keep up with their work. Coordinate happy hours to get out of the office. Or set up a team-building outing, such as a trip to a local adventure park or host a barbecue on a summer weekend.

3. Encourage work/life balance.

Your team also deserves to have a good and healthy work/life balance. Make sure that they aren’t expected to work from home or respond to requests after business hours. Encourage them to turn off their work phones or emails. There is nothing that can’t wait until they’re back in the morning, including you.

4. Adequately staff the department.

Finally, a good step to ensuring that your accounting staff is happy, engaged, and not overworked, is to be fully staffed. Do they need additional support to take some administrative tasks off their desk? Consider working with a local staffing agency that specializes in accounting and finance to bring on additional help for your department.

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5 Questions To NOT Ask Hiring Managers In An Interview

March 6th, 2015

All job search experts advise to be prepared with questions for an interview. While this is a great way to determine if the job is right for you, it can also backfire if you ask the wrong questions. When you’re preparing for your interview, here are some things you should specifically avoid when it comes to your conversation. Never asking these five questions will save a lot of embarrassment and trouble.

1. Don’t ask what the company does.

Before you ever set foot in the interview, you need to learn as much as you can about the company and what they do. If you ask this question, it is an immediate red flag that you aren’t prepared for the job interview and won’t pay attention to detail once you’re working on the job.

2. Don’t ask to change details of the job.

The job is the job. You can’t go into the interview and ask to make major changes in the very description of what the company needs. They are looking for a new person because of a pain point in their business, so this is non-negotiable. If you do want the job and get hired, you can always offer your other experience to them as a benefit but not as a different position.

3. Don’t ask about promotions.

While most companies encourage employee career growth, there is an appropriate time and place for it. The interview is not that place. They will believe that you are only looking for their job as a stepping stone to another position. The company isn’t going to risk hiring you if you might jump ship before a year is out if you get another offer.

4. Don’t ask about salary or benefits.

A first interview is a bad time to ask about money in any way. Even if they ask you about it, then you can tell them that you want to put together some numbers after the interview and get back to them for negotiations. If you ask the question first, it tells them that you’re only interested in the job for the money and not for the company or the work you do.

5. Don’t ask about background checks.

Asking whether or not a company performs background checks is practically admitting you’re concerned about the results. Always assume a company runs a background check. They are also required to provide the results to you, so if there is something that you can explain, be prepared with the information and hope for the best.

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